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about Moon Crystals
Moon Crystals is an online TCG (trading card game) focusing on the Sailor Moon series. In this case, the game is played online with virtual cards. But that doesn't mean it's any less fun than actual card collecting! In your quest to master card sets and level up, you'll get to play games, enter contests, be creative, and interact with other members.
Card Types
Moon Crystals does not utilize worth, but all cards count as 1 toward your Card Count. There is worth if you wish to add it up but to level up, you will need your card count.


The regular (worth 1) decks consist of decks that fall under
six different categories -character decks, attacks decks,
opening decks, ending decks, and puzzle decks.


Member cards are worth zero (0) toward your card count
but are allowed to be counted toward your trade cards when
you trade them away for other member cards.


Special (worth 1) decks consist mostly of holiday decks
and themed decks.Themed decks are typically member-created,
although that isn't always the case as we do allow members
to donate 1 special deck per month.


Event cards are worth zero (0) toward your card count
and may not be traded with other members. You can
claim rewards for every 15 event cards that you collect.

Update Freebie Expiration
When you join or re-join, you are allowed to take freebies from every post up to the most recent deck release. This means that if the last post is a deck release - you can only take freebies from that post. If the most recent post is not a deck release, then you may take freebies from each update until you reach the most recent deck release. Deck releases can be weekly or bi-weekly depending on the number of upcoming decks.

If you were a prejoiner who quit and re-joined, you may take all event cards up to the date you quit the TCG (or month if that's all you can remember and I don't have your quit form in my inbox) as well as the most recent event card. From that point onward, though, you may only take event cards during the week that they are posted. Prejoiners that have never quit the TCG can pick up event cards from any missed update.

Card Pages & Lists
The list of released decks may be viewed by series.(ex. Classic Anime, Classic opening/ending etc) The current default view is to sort by series, where one can click on a series image and then be shown all the decks that are from that particular series. When one decides to "View All", they will be linked to the old deck list that has decks alphabetized by series and deck name after they have been sorted by category.

Member-created decks will always be listed under the "Collab" series, while other themed decks that were not necessarily created through the forum activity will be listed under the "Themed" series.

Planned events are currently being worked on but we will do events planed on holidays. But if you wish to help us out, let us know over on the forum.

This is WIP.