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Posted on November 15, 2022

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At Moon Crystal, we have three kinds of card decks and two kinds of individual cards. Decks can be one of the following types: Regular, Puzzle, or Special but all will contain 20 cards, with each card being worth 0! For a more detailed breakdown of each deck type, see the table below.

REGULAR DECKS are comprised of 15-20 standalone cards of a solo character, two characters or a small group of friends. OR even openings/endings of an arc or movie. Deck Count: 15 to 20
Card Worth: 0
Donatable? Yes!
PUZZLE DECKS feature at least one or more characters in the form of one large image that is broken up into individual cards so that once collected, will form the image.
SPECIAL DECKS are comprised of 7-20 Cards that go with a theme, Rare part in the manga/movies/EPs, or anything else that staff thing would work as a special deck.
Deck Count: 7-20
Card Worth: 0
Donatable? Yes, but only with a "Special Deck Donation" coupon!

Deck Masteries

Once you collect all the cards in a deck, you can submit it for rewards! The cards used in the specific mastery cannot be traded anymore unless you obtain duplicate copies but you will receive 2 Choice cards, 3 random cards, plugCurrency( prize_master_cur ); ?> for regular/puzzle decks as special decks get 5 random cards, plugCurrency( prize_special_cur ); ?>

You also receive a master badge like the examples below to not only display on your trade post but your on-site profile as well for all to see! Your name will then be added to the list of masters for that deck on its individual page as well.

Custom Badges

While default master badges are pre-made and what is given out for all masteries regardless of who masters it, we do offer players an option to purchase custom-made master badges! This means we would swap the default badge's image with one of their own choosing and add their name to the badge as shown in the examples below.

Unlike before where a custom badge was allowed to be requested for free as long as it was a re-mastery (AKA re-mastering a deck you have already mastered at least once before), now custom badges can be requested for ANY mastery of a deck whether it's your first or fifth time mastering it! However, they now cost 50 Moon Points (or its equivalent coupon) per badge if you want one.

Individual Cards
Like mentioned before, our individual cards come in two types: Member Badge and Event Achievements, all of which are worth 0 each! They also have a prefix code at the beginning of their filename so they can be easily differentiated from regular cards. For a more detailed breakdown of each card type however, see the table below!

MEMBER Badge are Moon Crystal's version of Member Cards and are custom-made for each player. They are a bit bigger then regular cards, feature an image of the player's choice. Each player has unlimited copies of their Member Card but they can only be traded with another player's once!Prefix Code: mc-
Card Worth: 0
Masterable? No
EVENT CARDS are well event cards and they are made whenever an achievement or event happens in the TCG. They use the same design as a normal card, feature an image either of the admin or player's choice (depending on the event/achievement), and have the text "EVENT" in the top right corner. These cards are only available through updates for a limited time and can't be traded.Prefix Code: event-
Card Worth: 0
Masterable? Yes, in sets of 10!

Collecting these cards does not count towards your total card worth (so they cannot be used to reach level up requirements) but they CAN be mastered in sets of 10 each for bonus rewards. As for Member cards, they can actually be traded with other players - but with some exceptions!

Member Cards Trading

Upon joining Moon Crystal, all players will automatically receive their first and original Member card which is simply named mc-name. However, for every full year they're a Moon Crystal member, they are allowed to apply for additional Member cards! These will be named mc-name01 (for their first anniversary as a member), mc-name02 (for their second anniversary), and so on.

Before, if a player received a new MC then their previous one would be rendered unable to trade and could only be obtained through freebies or various activities/games as rewards. Now, we've done away with that and made it simpler: players can trade any and all of their MCs at any time as long as it is for the same type! This means SalyaDarken could trade mc-SalyaDarken for ???'s mc-Name but could not trade mc-SalyaDarken for ???'s mc-Name01. She could, however, trade her mc-SalyaDarken01 for ???'s mc-Name01!

Mastering Individual Cards

As previously mentioned, both Member cards and Event cards can be mastered in sets of 10 for bonus rewards. These are called Special Masteries as they are different from regular deck masteries!

While deck masteries require you to collect all the cards of a single deck, Special Masteries can be a combination of any card (of the same type) such as 10 Member cards or 10 Event cards. You cannot mix both Member cards and Event cards in a single set!

In addition, each card you use in a set must be unique and cannot have been used in a previous special mastery set - but for a Member card set, you can use multiple MCs of the same player if they are available to use (ie. including mc-SalyaDarken and mc-SalyaDarken01 in one set is allowed if you haven't used either MC before in a previous set).

There is no master badge for a special mastery set but you will receive a reward of 5 random cards, plugCurrency( prize_special_cur ); ?> (per set)!

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